About Us

Calibre BDC (The Company)was incorporated on December 5, 2007 and was licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)on February 28 2007. The Company is also a member of Association of Bureaux de Change Operators of Nigeria.

The Company is a well constituted wholly owned Nigerian entity being managed by a competent group of professions and supervised by a board of astute and independent individuals. The Company embraces sigmaessays™ the principles of effective management of BDC  as contained in the regulatory framework issued by the CBN. Furthermore, our operations are anchored on an appropriate, up-to-date IT infrastructure and standard risk management systems.

The Company’s authorized share Capital is N600million.

The Company fully participated in the weekly auction of foreign exchange at the CBN.

We believe our clients are the reason we are in business. Furthermore, to achieve our  vision and mission we have an article of faith with our people, without whom we will not be able to deliver on our business proposition. We believe if we can serve our clients well, surpass their service delivery expectation, we would earn their respect and they will give us more opportunities to serve them. Consequently, we will grow resources to deepen our knowledge base and the cycle of progress will be unending.

Our core values are:

  • Credibility: The quality of being believable or trustworthy. This drives the faith our clients have in us as to the quality of service we give them.
  • Loyalty: The act of binding oneself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action. For those who are responsible for keeping us in business we owe our unflinching loyalty. Our people in turn owe the company unalloyed loyalty in return for our investment in knowledge and the respect we accord them as members of a team working together towards shared goal.
  • Accountability: Responsibility to someone or for some activity. We strive to be accountable in all mla format research paper outline dealings with our customers.
  • Disciple: The traits of being well behaved. Above all, we deliver our promise the old fashion way; through sheer hard work. We earn our success, fair and square.